Chairman Message


On this occasion, I am pleased to have formed Al Mazaya Group, I wish to thank the company’s employees for achieving strong financial growth, expanding the breadth and depth of its offering, introducing innovative, propietary products and services, and adding to its enviable roster of customers. We have closely aligned employees’ interests with our customers’.
The management has taken a leadership role in assuring that Al Mazaya Group employees are provided regular training in the myriad and complex rules governing how the company conducts its business across Qatar and the rest of the world. Online, interactive training and regular communications assure that our written policies regarding ethics and compliance are not merely concepts, but living guidelines in which our employees are regularly trained. Our customers and stakeholders deserve the best.
We continue to work as a team to set Al Mazaya Group’s strategic direction and remain committed to providing active counsel and oversight toward the goal of creating value for our customers, stakeholders and others a like. Sincerely,

Jassim Al Binali, Chairman

Our vision

To lead Qatar market in order to deliver the best quality services and to support 100% our customers trust towards optimization of the value of the business investment.

Our mission

To contribute to the improvement of local market services, by providing the best solutions using the ultimate methods, in accordance with all specifications and law system of State of Qatar.

Our goal

To meet and exceed all our proposed improvement goals by achieving zero defects objective.