We here at Al Mazaya group are one team despite strong local competition here in Qatar, we have been able to exist within the market short term due to the singularity in the style of our work. We also attribute a great deal of our success to the creativity of the outstanding team of professionals.

The great success that we have achieved in the past is a direct result of our attention to professional team work, customer's satisfaction, creativity and social responsibility. We believe with all of these elements in place, we are prepared for even greater success in the future.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet all the goals of our customers and our own.


Our vision

To lead Qatar market in order to deliver the best quality services and to support 100% our customers trust towards optimization of the value of the business investment.

Our mission

To contribute to the improvement of local market services, by providing the best solutions using the ultimate methods, in accordance with all specifications and law system of State of Qatar.

Our goal

To meet and exceed all our proposed improvement goals by achieving zero defects objective.