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Established in 2008 by a group of like-minded individuals committed to the ideals of performance and excellence, The goal of the group is to provide the most efficient and effective business solutions in the market today and to improve upon pre-existing services to guarantee customer satisfaction and for social benefit.


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We, at Al Mazaya Group, are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction in all fields related to our group business by providing premium services to Qatar market. We are set to create loyal and satisfied customers by providing superb and accurate services through highly effective system and professional workforce. Al Mazaya Group workforce staff is well-qualified and trained. Our hardworking staff continuously strive to enhance their qualifications through attending seminars, workshops and training sessions. Internal and external trainings are continuously provided to advance the technical and professional knowledge of staff. We are committed to achieve the highest level of quality by:
Operating capable, reliable and efficient business processes.
Achieving required quality of services that meets and exceeds customers’ expectations.
Continuous improvement of products and services quality along with the supply chain, from sales up to the delivery stage.
Developing good professional and technical practices that have the desired quality in accordance with our customer requirements / references standards. Hence, creating an environment of trust and confidence with our customers.

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